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Cherokee XY-ABC receives the following instruction: “X-BC climb straight ahead until 2500 feet before turning right, wind 270 degrees 6 knots, cleared for take-off”.What is the correct read back:

A: Right turn after 2500, roger, X-BC
B: Straight ahead, 2500 feet right turn, wind west 6 knots, cleared for take-off, X-BC
C: Straight ahead, at 2500 feet right turn, cleared for take-off, X-BC
D: Wilco, cleared for take-off, X-BC












Answer: C

Shall an ATC route clearance always be read back:

A: No, if the ATC route clearance is transmitted in a published form (e.g. Standard Instrument Departure Route/SID)
B: Yes, unless authorized otherwise by ATS authority concerned
C: No, if the communication channel is overloaded
D: No, if the content of the ATC clearance is clear and no confusion is likely to arise









Answer: B