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In the ATC flight plan Item 19, if the number of passengers to be carried is not known when the plan is ready for filing:

A: an estimate may be entered but that number may not subsequently be exceeded
B: the plan should be filed with the relevant box blank
C: “TBN” (to be notified) may be entered in the relevant box
D: the plan may not be filed until the information is available









Answer: C

Which of the following statements is (are) correct with regard to computer flight plans

  1. The computer takes account of bad weather on the route and adds extra fuel.
  2. The computer calculates alternate fuel sufficient for a missed approach, climb, cruise, descent and approach and landing at the destination alternate.

A: Statement 2 only
B: Both statements
C: Statement 1 only
D: Neither statement






Answer: A

On a VFR ATC flight plan, the total estimated time is:

A: the estimated time from take-off to landing at the alternate airport
B: the estimated time from take-off to overhead the destination airport, plus 15 minutes
C: the estimated time required from take-off to arrive over the destination airport
D: the estimated time from engine start to landing at the destination airport






Answer: C

In the ATC flight plan item 15, when entering a route for which standard departure (SID) and standard arrival (STAR) procedures exist:

A: STARS should be entered but not SIDs
B: SIDs should be entered but not STARs
C: both should be entered in the ATC plan where appropriate
D: neither SID nor STAR should be entered









Answer: C