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An aeroplane has the following flap positions: 0(degrees), 15(degrees), 30(degrees), 45(degrees). Slats can also be selected. Generally speaking, which selection provides the highest positive contribution to the CLMAX?

A: The flaps from 30(degrees) to 45(degrees).
B: The slats from the retracted to the take-off position.
C: The flaps from 0(degrees) to 15(degrees).
D: The flaps from 15(degrees) to 30(degrees).









Answer: B

How is V2 affected if T/O flaps 20(degrees) is chosen instead of T/O flaps 10(degrees)?

A: V2 has no connection with T/O flap setting, as it is a function of runway length only.
B: V2 has the same value in both cases.
C: V2 increases in proportion to the angle at which the flaps are set.
D: V2 decreases if not restricted by VMCA.









Answer: D