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The influence of the ionosphere on the accuracy of the satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GPS is:

A: only significant if the satellites are located at a small elevation angle above the horizon
B: minimised by computing the average of all signals
C: minimised by the receiver using a model of the atmosphere and comparing signals transmitted by the satellites
D: negligible









Answer: C

If VOR bearing information is used beyond the designated operational coverage, errors could be caused by:

A: sky wave interference from distant transmitters on the same frequency
B: noise from precipitation static exceeding the signal strength of the transmitter
C: sky wave interference from the same transmitter
D: interference from other transmitters









Answer: D

ICAO specifications are that range errors indicated by Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) should not exceed:

A: + or – 0.5 NM or 3% of the distance measured whichever is the greater
B: + or – 0.25 NM plus 1.25% of the distance measured
C: + or – 1.25 NM plus 0.25% of the distance measured
D: + or – 0.25 NM plus 3% of the distance measured up to a maximum of 5 NM









Answer: B