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After the transition point between the laminar and turbulent boundary layer:

A: the mean speed increases and the friction drag decreases.
B: the boundary layer gets thinner and the speed increases.
C: the mean speed and friction drag increases.
D: the boundary layer gets thicker and the speed decreases.









Answer: C

In the transonic range lift will decrease at the shock stall due to the:

A: first appearance of a shock wave at the upper side of the wing.
B: attachment of the shock wave on the trailing edge of the wing.
C: separation of the boundary layer at the shock waves.
D: appearance of the bow wave.









Answer: C

The function of the slot between an extended slat and the leading edge of the wing is to:

A: slow the air flow in the slot so that more pressure is created under the wing.
B: allow space for vibration of the slat.
C: reduce the wing loading.
D: cause a venturi effect which energizes the boundary layer.









Answer: D