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A slat will

A: provide a boundary layer suction on the upper surface of the wing.
B: increase the camber of the aerofoil and divert the flow around the sharp leading edge.
C: increase the lift by increasing the wing area and the camber of the aft portion of the wing.
D: prolongs the stall to a higher angle of attack.









Answer: D

If an aeroplane is at a higher mass than anticipated, for a given airspeed the angle of attack will

A: be greater, drag will increase and endurance will decrease.
B: be decreased, drag will decrease and endurance will increase.
C: remain constant, drag will decrease and endurance will decrease.
D: remain constant, drag will increase and endurance will increase.









Answer: A

For a fixed-pitch propeller designed for cruise, the angle of attack of each blade, measured at the reference section:

A: is always positive during idling descent.
B: decreases when the aircraft speed decreases (with constant engine RPM).
C: is lower in ground run than in flight (with constant engine RPM).
D: is optimum when the aircraft is in a stabilized cruising flight.









Answer: D