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What is the advantage of a balanced field length condition ?

A: For a balanced field length the required take-off runway length always equals the available runway length.
B: A balanced take-off provides the lowest elevator input force requirement for rotation.
C: A balanced field length gives the minimum required field length in the event of an engine failure.
D: A balanced field length provides the greatest margin between “net” and “gross” take-off flight paths.









Answer: C

How is V2 affected if T/O flaps 20(degrees) is chosen instead of T/O flaps 10(degrees)?

A: V2 has no connection with T/O flap setting, as it is a function of runway length only.
B: V2 has the same value in both cases.
C: V2 increases in proportion to the angle at which the flaps are set.
D: V2 decreases if not restricted by VMCA.









Answer: D

The speed for maximum endurance:

A: is always higher than the speed for maximum specific range.
B: is the speed at which the aeroplane achieves 99% of maximum specific range.
C: can be either higher or lower than the speed for maximum specific range.
D: is always lower than the speed for maximum specific range.









Answer: D