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IFR Communications

Within the European Region, an aircraft experiencing radio communication failure on an IFR departure has to squawk 7600 and:

A: Maintain the altitude last assigned by ATC for a period of 5 minutes and then continue in accordance with the flight plan
B: Climb immediately to the cruising level indicated in the flight plan
C: Land at the departure aerodrome in any case
D: Maintain the level last assigned by the ATC for a period of 7 minutes and then climb in accordance with the flight plan









Answer: D

What does “”Friction coefficient 45″” in a runway report mean:

A: Braking action poor
B: Braking action not measurable
C: Braking action medium
D: Braking action good






Answer: D


Friction coefficient:

above 40 = BA Good
35-40 = BA Medium to good
30-35 = BA Medium
25-30 = BA Medium to poor
below 20 = BA Poor


there is also another system to denote Friction coefficiency:

95 Good
94 Medium/Good
93 Medium
92 Medium/Poor
91 Poor
99 Unreliable
// Not reported AD closed

When shall an aircraft in the heavy-wake-turbulence category include the word “Heavy” immediately after its call sign e.g. Fastair 345 heavy:

A: Never
B: In all calls
C: In the initial call to the aerodrome control tower and the approach control unit
D: In all calls to the aerodrome tower and the approach control unit









Answer: C